Harry Redknapp to publish ‘Foreign Bank Accounts in Pet Names for Dummies’

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After proving in court that there is nothing illegal about setting up foreign bank accounts in the name of your pets to accept money from your employer, Harry Redknapp announced plans for a book to show how you can do it, too.

‘Foreign Bank Accounts in your Pet’s Name for Dummies’ is expected to be one of the summer’s best sellers, and is likely to be spotted on beaches and in hand-luggage across Europe.

Redknapp said, “It’s not illegal, I have proof in this judgement right here – and I think it’s only right that I share this knowledge so that normal people can also benefit from dubious account names in tax havens.”

“Of course, all of the proceeds will be going into my ‘Tiddles’ account in Switzerland – but don’t worry, I cover how to do that in Chapter 13.”

Redknapp innocent

HM Revenue and Customs said they were disappointed by the result, and insisted they would be looking closely to see how they could close the loophole exploited by Redknapp.

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“It seems that no-one thought to include legislation that specifically prevented people creating bank accounts in the names of their cats, dogs, trees, cars or favourite television shows.”

“Why they didn’t, we have no idea.”

“Unfortunately it looks like it could be next year before we’re able or stop this happening, so we expect his book to be a massive stocking filler – much like Harry’s ‘carrying around cash’.”