Undercover cops ‘must wear uniforms in future’

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An undercover cop who infiltrated a group of green activists showed a blatant disregard for police dress code, according to senior officers.

Mark Kennedy worked for several years as a ‘covert operative’. Using nothing more than a scruffy beard and tribal earrings, he persuaded radical protesters to open up and allow him inside their inner circle, on a filthy mattress in the back of his Transit.

Working four consecutive days on a 6am to 2pm shift, taking three days off and then working nights, Kennedy kept a close eye on his targets, except on bank holidays.

But Chief Constable Jon Murphy believes someone should have spotted Kennedy was going in deeper than required, when he turned up to the Christmas party in a campervan painted with rainbows.

“I asked him what he’d done with the stripy car we gave him, and he just shrugged and told me ‘the chicks didn’t dig it’. That’s when I noticed he was wearing a hand-woven Tibetan beanie hat, with his badge stuck on the front. And he’d chained himself to the buffet, to highlight the plight of the mountain gorilla.”

Murphy claims that making undercover cops wear a uniform should help them keep a respectful distance from the protesters they raise families with.

Action groups have reacted angrily to the announcement, claiming police should only
use ugly officers in future.

But Kennedy remains defiant, and thinks the uniform may be part of the problem. “This mess only started after I whipped out my bobby’s helmet.”