Monday 23 January 2012

Parents avoid child gender stereotypes by conforming to hippy stereotype

The parents of five year-old Sasha Laxton have successfully avoided the gender stereotypes normally associated with young children by conforming to the traditional stereotype of hippies.

Sasha was raised ‘gender neutral’ in order for him to ‘become one with his surroundings, and choose his own path man’ according to his parents.

A family friend said, “What difference does gender make if you’re only going to be wearing a multicoloured smock anyway?”

“As far as we’re concerned, avoiding one stereotype by thoroughly reinforcing another is a perfectly acceptable way to raise your child.”

Gender neutral

Many parenting experts have praised the move by the Loxtons not to force Sash down the traditional path taken by young boys.

Sharon Williams, author of ‘Mold your child in your own ridiculous image‘ told us,”I think it’s a wonderful thing that his parents have done, and he’ll be the most well-rounded bullied child in his school.”

“What better way to prepare a young boy for life surrounded by the modern five year-old sociopath than by letting him act out a few scenarios with his Barbie doll.”

“In fact, I’m sure that during the many, many years of therapy he will undergo as an adult, he will will come to look back on these days extremely fondly.”

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