Critics poisoned my name by quoting me verbatim, claims Warnock

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Former QPR boss Neil Warnock has expressed his frustration at his departure from the club, citing people who repeated the words that came out of his mouth as the main reason for his sacking.

The team struggling in the bottom half of the table is irrelevant to Warnock, when compared to the obvious problems caused by owner Tony Fernandes having a Twitter account.

“The side’s form wouldn’t have bothered Tony if people hadn’t kept tweeting him about it,” Warnock fumed.

“It also meant he had a quicker way of communicating with Joey Barton than I did.”

“If it hadn’t been for losing matches and slagging off everyone else – and journalists reporting it all, of course – everyone at QPR would still be happy as pie.”

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“Except me.”

Warnock unhappy again

Warnock continued to rant at length about other people communicating to Fernandes in general, as well as his concerns that they might not have been saying exclusively positive things about him.

He went on, “I actually got a text from the new chief executive about it after the owner realised I wasn’t going to pick up any direct messages on Twitter.”

“That’s just insulting. If he’d sat down with me for five minutes I could have created an account.”

“But it always happens when you’re on a run of bad form and the team’s pretty bad that people are likely to point it out to the guy whose money I was spending.”

“What can I do? Maybe I’m too nice.”

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