‘Lost generation’ gives up hope after day spent with parents in crappy jobs

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As strike action closed many schools for the day, a ‘lost generation’ of youths has realised how bleak their future really is, after being taken into work by their parents.

Daniel Trenchard was a keen student at St. Bowie’s Comprehensive in Dunstable, until he spent the day watching his mum fiddle about with a database in the corner of a stuffy, open plan office.

“My parents are always telling me to study hard and get good results, so I can get a good job”, said Daniel. “Today has shown me why they were so worried, I really need to buck my ideas up.”

Daniel noted that if he studied really hard, all he could really look forward to was a very slightly bigger desk near a window, and a chair with arms on.

“The school strike has been an education in itself”, Daniel declared. “From now on, I’m going to work on my attitude, my singing, and sucking up to Simon Cowell.”


Daniel is not alone in fearing for his future. Tracy Cobham spent the day watching her father working in a call centre.

“Dad is pretty angry most of the time, but now I realise why”, declared Tracy.

“He spends nine hours a day trying to sell double glazing to the sort of people who sit at home during the day.”

But Tracy enjoyed spending time listening to her dad grovelling. “Dad actually said he enjoyed having me at work with him, he hopes I can come in much more often.”

“He’s never made so many sales in the middle of the week, it makes a nice change for him to speak to people with jobs.”

“He reckons if there’s another three strikes by April, he can take the family to Disneyland next year.”

Tracy is pinning her future on bagging a 2:1 in a Manchester hotel with one her mates and a premier league footballer.

“If I’ve learnt one thing today it’s that you need to plan for the future”, announced Tracy, “as soon as I’m 18, I’m getting my tits done.”