Tuesday 29 November 2011 by Spacey

Nation either loving or hating news of ‘Marmite’ lorry crash

A tanker carrying more than 20 tonnes of Marmite which overturned on the M1 has caused the nation’s motorists to react with either horror or complete delight.

Opinion has been divided since the lorry crashed and spilt its contents onto the carriageway at about 22:15 GMT on Monday evening.

“It may seem strange, but there was no indifference to the incident whatsoever,” revealed a spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police.

“Motorists that we interviewed in relation to the accident either displayed excited enthusiasm, or total disgust at the news.”

Marmite crash

Giving their reaction to the incident, one married couple were in total disagreement.

“It was a crash that I could have watched at any time of the day,” enthused 34 year-old Nicola Henderson.

But her husband, David, struggled to express his disagreement in strong enough terms.

“Urrrghhh, Christ, it was horrible!” he said through a gagging reflex.

The Highways Agency are hopeful that the road will reopen shortly after they spent the night clearing the spill using a combination of toast and crumpets.

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