Monday 7 November 2011

Fears for Italian economy as Berlusconi faces cash demand from bunga bunga organiser

There are renewed fears for the Italian economy this morning after it was reported that prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was asked for cash payment in advance to organise his latest bunga bunga party.

As borrowing rates for the Italian government hit a euro-era high, party organisers have said they will need to see the cash first before arranging further sex parties for the country’s leader.

As one organiser told us, “The 10-year yield of Italian bonds has risen to 6.64%, and in an economic climate such as this we simply need to pay our ‘performers’ in advance.”

“We are not prepared to offer the favourable credit terms that were available last year.  It’s nothing personal, and we’re happy to organise more parties for Mr Berlusconi, but we need paying up front. It’s just business.”

“Even party organisers are not immune to economic uncertainty.”

Italian rates rise

Concerns for Italy are over-shadowing developments in Greece, where the prime minister George Papandreou is expected to step down after suggesting the countries economic future should be decided by the people who have spent the last two months throwing bottles of piss at the Acropolis.

Analyst Georgios Levendakis told us, “Angry people with no money don’t tend to make great economic decisions, it’s just a shame the prime minister didn’t realise this.”

Meanwhile back in Italy, it is hoped the bunga bunga party stand-off will soon come to a satisfactory close after Berlusconi told advisers he’s “good for it”.

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