Tuesday 1 November 2011 by Waylandsmithy

Occupy LSX protesters outside Tate Modern dismissed as ‘derivative’

Anti-capitalist campers who have set up a new site outside the Tate Modern art gallery have been dismissed as ‘pedestrian’ by critics.

“This work is so similar to the St. Pauls installation it verges on plagiarism”, declared critic Brian Sewell.

“They keep banging on and on about money, they’re obsessed with taking money off rich bankers. They should be creating art for art’s sake, I’ve been protesting about this attitude to creativity for years.”

Some campers aren’t surprised at the luke-warm reception.

“The art world dismisses anything that’s presented on canvas, so it’s not surprising they don’t like tents”, explained Sophie Kipling, who is part of the exhibit.

“They only seem to be interested in really confrontational works that set out to shock. But we’re still hopeful that they’ll recognise our work, I’ve spotted a fishing bivvy in the Vegan corner of the campsite. That’s bound to cause a hissy fit.”

Tate Modern protest

Event organisers are urging their members to put more effort into the protest, in the hope that they could receive international recognition.

“We’re working on an impressionist piece, where we arrange the tents in such a way that they look like an angry little fist from the press helicopters”, said Kipling.

“We’ve also taken a lead from Tracey Emin, who famously decorated a little tent with the names of everyone she had ever slept with. I’ve put up a tent where we’re collecting the names of everyone who has slept in their tent overnight: so far, we’ve got three signatures.”

Brian Sewell invited a handful of protesters into the art gallery to explain his criticisms.

“Many of the campers lack a foundation in art, or even a rudimentary groundsheet. You can’t just pitch up and expect a Turner Prize, it’s not handed out to any fair-weather artist.”

“Although I think there’s hope for Kipling, she seems pretty hungry. I brought a pork pie in the gift-shop and since then I’ve noticed she really does seem to follow me round the room.”

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