Tuesday 25 October 2011

Avoid alcohol during that period when you swear never to drink again, warn experts

Experts have warned that people should avoid alcohol in the 48 hours after a heavy drinking session, especially during the period generally filled with weepy pledges never to touch the stuff ever again.

They Royal College of Physicians said that the liver needed time to recover, and that there was no better time for that recovery than when you’re sat quietly in a darkened room or motionless at your desk praying for death.

Sir Ian Gilmore, special adviser on alcohol and former president of the RCP, said: “If you’ve spent the night chugging Tequila, we strongly suggest your don’t have Tequila for breakfast, no matter how enticing it may seem.”

“We realise that the craving for alcohol is never greater than when your head is inside the toilet bowl examining chunks of last night’s kebab – but you must resist the urge to drink more booze.”

“The liver cycle should be ‘punishment’ followed by ‘reprieve’.  Punishment, then reprieve.”

Alcohol warning

The RSP went on to explain that a culture shift is what’s needed to save the country’s livers.

“We need to change this culture of desperately hungover people diving into the first bottle of spirits they can put their hands on.”

“Our streets are filled with unshaven, dishevelled people holding their heads and crying out for more booze.”

“You just want you to take a couple of days before you give in to those urges.  Thanks.”

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