Grown man begins self analysis after expressing an opinion on X Factor

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Fully grown man, Carl Henderson, has begun asking some serious questions of himself after he not only formed an opinion on the judges choices for the X Factor live shows, but inexplicably spoke it out loud in front of his wife.

The incident happened when one of the X Factor judges, Kelly Rowland, failed to put Scottish singer, Jade Richards, through to the live shows, which begin next Saturday.

“When Kelly didn’t put Jade Richards through, Carl said ‘I think she’s made a mistake there’,” revealed Mrs Henderson.

“He immediately tried to cover it up by insisting it was ‘all bollocks’, but by this point I was already texting everyone we know to tell them that he loves X Factor and it’s definitely his most favourite show ever.

X Factor opinion

It is believed that Mr Henderson’s protestations that he spent his journey to work listening to influential post-hardcore outfit At the Drive-in’s classic 2000 album Relationship of Command, will fall on deaf ears as he discovers that his desk has been turned into a shrine to previous X Factor winner Joe McElderry.

“I’m not proud of what happened,” claimed Mr Henderson.

“If I could go back I’d change things, of course I would. I hope people will allow me to move on from this.”

“Look, I’ve got some Beta Band CDs in my bag,” he added pointlessly.

I think, therefore I am (not an X Factor voter)