Monday 26 September 2011

Saudi Arabia to think about counting votes cast by women

Saudi Arabia has introduced plans to let women vote in local elections, with an agreement to start thinking about including those votes in the actual count some time after 2030.

King Abdullah also announced that they will be allowed to cater council meetings and to start looking elected officials in the eye.

A spokesperson for the regime said, “We need small steps.  These are only local elections, nothing too important, so having women cluttering up the place isn’t that much of a hassle.”

“Plus all their ballots will be pink so we can set them aside at the end and focus on all the important votes.”

“We need to take it slowly so that their tiny brains can take in all this change.  We don’t want to frighten them and set the whole process back fifty years to the middle ages.”

Saudi Women to vote

Saudi men have reacted angrily to the news, claiming it will make the country a laughing stock in the region.

One voter told us, “This is all we need, women casting their votes without a single thought to what is best for their men folk.”

“You only have to look at nations where women can vote to see the trouble they cause.  Look at the UK, that Nick Clegg bloke is deputy prime minister.  Deputy. Prime. Minister.”

One Saudi official concluded, “The most important part of this whole process is that the revolutionaries looking at those other Arab spring countries and then realise that we are introducing the absolute minimum level of reform required to avoid an uprising.”

“And we are committed to continuing to do so.”

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