Clegg to provide truants with opportunity to bunk off lessons during summer holidays

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Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has announced plans to provide troublesome children with the opportunity skip school during the summer holidays as well as during term time.

The Liberal Democrat leader used his conference speech to announce the plans, which are in response to last months riots and will see the introduction of a programme of catch-up summer classes that truants are expected to avoid like the plague.

In the speech, which brings the five-day event to an end, Mr Clegg said, “So often the people who have gone off the rails are the ones who struggled years earlier.”

“This is a £50m investment to give all of them a chance to have absolutely no interest whatsoever in their education at a time when they would normally have absolutely no interest whatsoever in their education.”

Clegg conference speech

Clegg is hoping that 100,000 children that are believed to be at risk of going off the rails will choose a time when they don’t have to go to school to go to school.

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“It will be a bit like reverse psychology,” he told conference delegates.

“If we can drive home a message that they don’t have to attend voluntary summer classes, they might look at it differently.”

“Attending would actually become a bit like bunking off from the summer holidays.”

Unruly pupils targeted by the scheme have questioned whether summer classes would lessen the liklihood of them partaking in violent disorder in the future.

“I think instead of spending £50m on summer classes they should buy each of the 100,000 pupils £500 worth of tracksuits and trainers.” revealed 11 year old Tupac Higginbottom.