Places that sell alcohol linked to teenagers buying alcohol, finds survey

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More underage drinkers can be found in areas where alcohol is on sale, a groundbreaking new survey has claimed.

The research for campaign group Alcohol Concern was undertaken between 2006 and 2009 and is set to turn current thinking about underage drinking habits on its head.

The report finds a clear link between the number of off-licences in an area and the number of teenagers going into those premises and obtaining alcohol before drinking themselves into an anti-social stupor.

It also included the radical suggestion that reducing the number of places where alcohol is on sale will lead to fewer teenagers buying alcohol and subsequently drinking themselves into an anti-social stupor.

Drunks ‘buy alcohol’

Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said: “When I had a look at the data, I had something of a Eureka moment.”

“This is some serious shit which is going to fundamentally change the way we think about going into an off-licence to buy alcohol. “

Dr Nikki Coghill, who treats drunken teenagers at Arrowe Park Hospital, Merseyside, last night called for root and branch reform of the off-licence system which allows teenagers to purchase alcohol and then drink it.

“Clearly, teenagers must be going into these stores with the sole intention of purchasing alcohol.”

“And maybe scratchcards.”

“I’m fucking gobsmacked to be honest.”