Kate’s honeymoon period over as Daily Mail is slightly critical of dress

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There was shock yesterday when the Daily Mail ended its eight-year-old policy of printing only sycophantic and grovelling opinions about Kate Middleton.

This run was brought to an abrupt end when they rated her outfit for Zara Phillip’s wedding a ‘Miss’, the lowest rating any dress can obtain.

Then, in a tone usually reserved for working mothers and female Labour MPs, the Daily Mail went on to describe her ensemble as ‘a bit beige’ and highlighted that her coat was ‘similar to one she wore five years ago’.

Defending the change in editorial policy the Daily Mail’s Royal Correspondent said, “After so many style guides, pull-out sections and special reports we just ran out of nice things to say about the Duchess of Cambridge.”

“There are only so many banal things you can write about clothes, hair and accessories and we found that out the hard way.”

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Daily Mail diss Kate’s Dress

Angry readers rang the Daily Mail to complain about their volte face on Ms Middleton.

One said, “When I read an article about Kate the only thing I want to know is did she look stunning or is she looking radiant. If I want a lecture on communism I’ll go to The Guardian or the BBC.”

Another reader said, “It’s devastating, totally devastating. And I didn’t expect it from the Daily Mail either. I’ve just got over Diana’s death and now this.”

The Daily Mail has reassured its readers that it will continue to refer to SamCam as ‘racy’ and ‘glamorous’ despite all evidence to the contrary.

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