‘We no longer recognise Gaddafi regime’ claims Facebook auto-tagger

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Following similar moves by the UK, US and French governments, Facebook has said that its photo auto-tagging software will no longer recognise members of Colonel Gaddafi’s Libyan regime.

It’s the latest in a series of controversial moves by the social networking site but one they hope will help shift the advantage to the Libyan rebels.

A spokesperson for Facebook said, “With both sides in Libya seemingly deadlocked we took this move to give a boost to the National Transitional Council.”

“We’re hoping that Gaddafi’s troops will lose hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours manually tagging their holiday photos -hours that could have been spent scouting, training and dressing up in ridiculous hats and sunglasses.”

Gaddafi regime ‘not recognised’

One of Gaddafi’s closest aides seemed untroubled by the news, telling reporters, “It’s illegal and it’s irresponsible but most of all it’s a right pain having to do all that pointing and clicking.”

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“But we have taken steps to counteract Facebook’s draconian measure. As I speak, giant 200 metre photos of our beloved leader are being unfurled around Tripoli so no-one can be in any doubt who he is. Except perhaps Colonel Gaddafi himself.”

Gaddafi’s palace had little to say on the manner issuing only a succinct statement that read “We prefer Google+ anyway”.

In the UK Ed Miliband supported the move but wondered if a similar measure had been applied to his party.

He said, “When I uploaded photos from our conference Facebook failed to recognise most of the members of the Shadow Cabinet.”

“If we wanted to be confronted with such poor recognition of our key personnel, we’d simply ask members of the public.”

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