Sugar buys chair

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Lord Alan Sugar has announced the winner of this year’s Apprentice after being completely bowled over inventor Tom Pellereau’s innovative concept which he calls ‘the chair’.

Lord Sugar is to put £250,000 into the joint venture, which will see the ‘chair’ become the latest product offering from the Sugar empire.

He told reporters, “I don’t want to say too much whilst there’s still a patent application ongoing, but you’re all going to love it.”

“It’s a device that allows you to rest your legs, you see, but unlike lying down, you remain upright and are therefore able to remain productive.”

“I can see a situation in a couple of years where every worker in the country has one of these ‘chairs’. The market is limited only to people with legs that need resting.”

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Sugar launches chair

Pellereau was the bookies’ favourite from the early stages of the competition, after everyone realise Alan Sugar’ CV is littered with inventions that no-one will ever buy.

Sugar’s new business partner told reporters, “I know Lord Sugar revels in technological advancement, and that’s exactly what the ‘chair’ is – it’s a global step-change in the way people work.”

“In a thousand years people will look back to the evolutionary leap mankind made in the early 21st century, and historians will place the credit firmly at the door of the ‘chair’, and the way it let mankind reach it’s true potential.”

“I’ve also got an idea for one that swivels.  I know, mental aren’t I?”

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