Rebekah Brooks does the decent thing for Rebekah Brooks

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Rebekah Brooks has resigned from her position at News International, finally laying to rest the argument over whether she would actually do the best thing for Rebekah Brooks.

After seeing 500 people lose their jobs, Brooks’ decision to leave her role at the head of the ailing organisation comes about fifteen minutes after the FBI announced an investigation into the illegal activities which took place under her command.

One media analyst explained, “She’s taken a long hard look at the situation and decided that resigning right now is the right thing to do, for Rebekah Brooks.”

“And you have to say this is the right thing to do if you’re Rebekah Brooks.  Those FBI folks don’t mess about – she won’t be able to pay them off any time soon.”

Rebekah Brooks resigns

The timing of the resignation has come as a surprise to many who thought she might go and try to save the paper she worked for.

Analyst Simon Williams explained, “I’m sure she thought sacrificing the careers of those who worked at the News of The World was enough to keep the business gods happy, but clearly not.”

“Right now, the decent thing to do for Rebekah Brooks is to get Rebekah Brooks as far away from this toxic situation as you can possible get her.  And that’s what Rebekah Brooks has done here.”

“Criticise her all you like, but every decision she’s made since this whole controversy began has been for the benefit of Rebekah Brooks, and there’s not many people you can say that about.”