Women who smoke during pregnancy clearly couldn’t give a shit, public tell experts

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The public have informed experts that they can issue warnings until they’re blue in the face, but women who smoke during pregnancy quite clearly couldn’t give less of a shit.

Experts have revealed that women who smoke during pregnancy have a 25% greater risk of their baby having deformed limbs or a cleft lip, but findings show that this pales into insignificance when compared to the sweet taste of cigarettes.

Warnings of higher risks of miscarriage and low birth-weight have been consistently ignored by expectant morons who view midwives as witchdoctors, and would probably only give up smoking if it in some way interfered with their ability to watch daytime TV.

Members of the public have dismissed claims by experts that pregnant smokers will be shocked to learn that their nicotine habit could cause damage to their baby.

“These experts are wasting their breath,” claimed mother of three, Melanie Vokes.

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“I’m not sure how shocked and surprised someone could be that smoking can harm their baby, when the packet of fags they’re holding has a bloody big warning on it that says ‘Smoking when pregnant can harm your baby’.”

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