People wondering if courtroom humiliation is Max Mosley’s new ‘thing’

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The futility of Max Mosely’s ongoing legal battle to be notified when tabloid papers want to write about how he does sex, has left people everywhere wondering if that’s actually the new thing he’s into.

Mosley has begun his appeal against a ruling which stated he did not need to be notified in advance if a newspaper acquired photos of him doing the new things he might be into.

Sex therapist Michelle Matthews told us, “We know from previous reports that he likes being spanked but that’s a minor humiliation in the grander scheme of things.”

“So maybe the ritual humiliation of having his sex life in everyones thoughts, day after day, is giving him the sort of erection a teenager would be proud of?”

“I can almost imagine him in court now, ‘Yes, yes, tell me how futile this action is, tell me I’m a naughty claimant’. It’s all very sad.”

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Max Mosley court case

The nation’s tabloid readers are said to be excited by the prospect of learning exactly what it is that Mosley doesn’t want them to know.

Media analyst Mike Williams said, “Nothing guarantees your privacy like using a media platform to publicly demand your privacy, again and again. Oh no, hang on, it’s the exact opposite of that.  Sorry.”

“Look, all I’m saying is that being humiliated by a dominatrix in private might not be enough for him now? Maybe he needs to be regularly humiliated in front of an entire nation?”

“Each to their own, I guess.”