Office manager completes one hour work marathon for comic relief

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Office manager Janice Entwistle, 26, has smashed the British record for office work by completing an uninterrupted sixty minutes of word processing for Comic Relief.

Inspired by the efforts of David Walliams and Chris Moyles, Janice set herself the task of going a whole hour at her desk without taking time off for a coffee break, checking her phone, nipping out for a fag or looking at Facebook.

Speaking afterwards she told reporters, “Yes it was gruelling but when I saw the faces of those kiddies in Africa I felt I had to so something.”

Janice went on to say that she normally fast forwards through ‘those begging bits’ of Red Nose Day but when she lost the remote and couldn’t do that this year she took that as ‘a sign’.

“It was like watching tele in the olden days, being sat of the sofa and not able to change the channel – but seeing all that suffering made me realise I could probably try and do a whole hour of the work I’m actually paid for.  Probably.”

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Comic Relief Office challenge

Her feat of sixty minutes overtakes the previous record of 12 minutes, set by Sally Jones for Red Nose Day in 2005.

Sally’s attempt ended when she had to check her phone for a text message she later told reporters was ‘really important’.

Janice’s challenge wasn’t without its sacrifices. During her working hour she missed the end of three e-bay auctions, four links to the ‘most epic fail ever’ videos and a chance to take a quiz to find out which character in Sex and the City she most resembles.

At the end of it all a visibly exhausted Janice said, “If I ever have to see another Word document as long as I live, it’ll be too soon”.

Janice has given herself the rest of the month off to recover.

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