Twitter introduces new ‘That Was a Joke By The Way’ hashtag for all judges

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To avoid future confusion, micro-blogging service Twitter will add the #TWAJBTW hashtag to all Tweets that are humourous in nature, in order to avoid confusing people who have the power to put you in prison.

Paul Chambers, 26, is facing a £3000 legal bill after forgetting to add the new TWJAJBTW hashtag when tweeting that he would blow up Robin Hood Airport in South Yorkshire after it was closed by snow.

Judge Jacqueline Davies said of Mr Chambers appeal, “I believe that everything ever written down is completely serious, especially on the Internet, and that is the position of the law.”

“Unless you make it expressley clear that it was not.  Which you didn’t.  You idiot.”

As one legal expert explained, “It appears that when Mr Chambers said he was going to blow up Robin Hood airport, the courts felt this was a genuine terrorist threat.”

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“You can understand the judges decision. After all, most terrorism threats arrive due to a business operating inefficiently in bad weather. Those ideological differences they talk about are merely a cover.”

“9/11 was all because the World Trade Centre didn’t properly grit the pavements outside.”

Twitter Joke Trial

Judge Daives continued, “Only this morning I read a heartbreaking tale on Twitter of a priest, an Imam and a Rabbi who went to a public house for refreshments.”

“It turns out that Rabbi forgot his wallet and had no money.  Absolutely tragic.”

Twitter users have reacted positively to the new hashtag, claiming they will once again Tweet with complete freedom safe in the knowledge that what they say will not be completely misconstrued by an moron in a wig.

“It’s great,” said 29 year old Trevor Williams, “Only minutes ago I tweeted, ‘I would like to blow up James Blunt #TWAJBTW’.”

“Let’s see the legal system try and lock me up for that one.”

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