French workers left furious as striking age raised to 62

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French workers are continuing to voice their displeasure over new legislation introduced by President Sarkozy which will require them to continue going on strike until they reach the age of 62.

French labour minister Eric Woerth told reporters that striking further into old age was “inevitable”, and necessary to balance the public finances.

Unions have said that they will go on strike in protest at the measures, just as soon as they finish their current strike, and the two they have planned after that.

A workers’ union spokersperson explained, “62 is no age for a Frenchman to be stood around doing nothing and avoiding the job for which he is paid.”

“At 62 we should be stood around doing nothing and avoiding domestic jobs for which we are not paid,  whilst receiving an overly generous pension.”

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“Most Frenchmen struggle to set fire to a sheep once they get beyond fifty, so this is getting quite ridiculous.”

French retirement

The new rules have raised the spectre of elderly Frenchmen becoming even more deeply unpleasant than they already are.

As one tourist explained, “I met a sixty year-old Frenchman whilst on holiday last year, and he was arguably the most irksome individual I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting.”

“I can’t for one moment imagine what he’d have been like if he’d had to go back to strike at the end of his holiday.”

“If they’re going to make they strike until their 62, perhaps they should take away their passports so we can’t accidentally bump into one in the wild.”