Kanye West interruptions reach epidemic levels

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After Rap star Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video awards with a dramatic outburst, further reports suggest West interruptions have reached epidemic proportions.

Despite apologising to Swift after the ceremony, it appears that West is on an interruption spree, the like of which we have never witnessed.

“It’s almost like he has an opinion on everything,” said one guest at the VMA.  “Opinions which must be heard irrespective of the forum in which they are shared.”

“I was ordering a Heineken at the bar when he interrupted and told the barman that in his opinion Carlsberg made the best lager in the world this year.”


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It is not just at the MTV VMA awards that Mr West’s outbursts have been reported.

Joel Stringer, 24 of Michigan, told us, “I was waiting in line a Taco Bell when Mr West stormed in and proclaimed that in his opinion Burger King have made the best fast food in the world this year.”

“It was kind of annoying, but at least he didn’t sing.”

Other recipients of his outspoken views have been less pleased with Mr West’s public and opinionated declarations.

“I was making love to my girlfriend,” said 28 year-old Randy Fernando.

“Then he burst in and said that in his opinion the best lover I’d had this year was Debbie Collins who lives on the next street.”

“Well let me tell you, my girlfriend went apeshit.”

“He was right though.  Debbie is pretty hot.”


West was seen entering the home of Patrick Swayze’s family last night, before telling the grieving occupants, “I’m gonna let you finish crying in a minute,”

“But I think the best death in the world this year was Michael Jackson’s.”

When asked for his opinion on the furore surrounding his opinions, West said the best opinion he’d heard this year about his opinions was this one.