Two-thirds of teenagers complain over lack of sex texts

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Almost two-thirds of under-18s have complained after receiving absolutely no offensive or distressing sexual images electronically, a survey by the charity Beatbullying suggests.

The charity said a lack of “sexting” was becoming a growing problem for 62% of teenagers surveyed.

“I’m not even sure what a female nipple looks like,” said fifteen year-old Simon Banks.

“Tom who sits next to me in English seems to get at least ten titty texts a day, which he never shares and just tells everyone about.”

“I can get weeks of wank material from the latest Kays catalogue, so imagine what I could get out of a photo of actual female breasticles!”

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“All I seem to get is the odd text from my mum – all in upper case – telling me not to be late for tea.  It’s really not fair.”


However, it’s not just boys that are feeling left out by the sexually explicit craze.

“I’m nearly sixteen,” said Chantelle Jones of Clacton-on-Sea.

“And I’ve not been sent a single multimedia photo of a penis, flaccid or otherwise.”

“At this rate I won’t get to have sex until I’m seventeen and then I’ll be so far behind the other girls I’ll never get a council house.”

“I send out plenty of texts, but the only ones who seem to respond are forty year old men, and the odd priest.”

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