Conspiracy theorists celebrate 40 year anniversary of fake moon landing

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The world’s conspiracy theorists are celebrating today – the 40th anniversary of the first claim that the moon landings were nothing more than an elaborate ruse.

Just 24 hours after pictures of Neil Armstrong’s giant lunar step were beamed back to earth, the first publicly recognised theory of a fake moon landing appeared.

In the days before Internet chat rooms and discussion boards, the planet’s deluded idiots were forced to take their theories to street corners or small newspapers.

Tristan Wellbeck of Connecticut, a borderline retard, told his local paper that he didn’t believe they’d been up there because, “it’s fucking miles away, isn’t it, and we should be able to see them, shouldn’t we?”


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Wellbeck’s theory led to the birth of a sizeable conspiracy theory movement which is alive and well today, and now celebrates the first theory from forty years ago.

“Of course they didn’t go to the moon, if we had, why haven’t we spent the billions and billions needed to go back again, eh?” said a leading idiot we spoke to.

“Mr Wellbeck was the first person to open our eyes to the clearly elaborate scam perpetuated on the people of the earth.”

“Since then we have come up with hundreds of other barely plausible theories about why a moon landing would be impractical, theories which sort of make Mr Wellbeck’s comments look a little ridiculous, but he’s still definitely worth celebrating.”

“When we finally get up there and find out it’s made of cheese, you science people are gonna look really stupid.”

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