BBC punishes presenter for self-deprecating attack on BBC presenter

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The BBC last night vowed to punish an unnamed presenter after they launched a scathing attack on a BBC presenter, via a self-deprecating joke.

The radio and television personality made a joke which implied the BBC presenter – themselves – would be unable to perform an interview with a politician as they were ‘too stupid’.

A BBC spokesperson said, “Criticism of BBC presenters, by BBC presenters, is unprofessional in the extreme.”

“They could have taken offence at their own remark, leading to a formal complaint about their own behaviour which we would be duty bound to investigate fully.”

“We obviously resent their implication that a BBC presenter might be unprofessional, and we have warned them of their future conduct in this matter.”

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A written statement has been prepared, in which the presenter says, “I would like to apologise to myself for any offence my remark may have caused.”

“I realise my comments about myself were ill-judged, my only defence is that I am clearly a bit of an idiot.”