Tragedy as man taunting an angry bull gets killed by the angry bull

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A man has been gored to death in the traditional running of the bulls in Pamplona, northern Spain, shocking only those who have never seen what an angry bull looks like.

The running of the bulls, a defining event in Spanish culture, involves running away from highly agitated two-tonne animals that are armed with what amounts to two head-mounted swords.

Organisers have said this terrible tragedy has come as a complete surprise to them.

“It is a tragedy that absolutely no-one could foresee,” said Juan Hernandez, Pamplona resident.

“How could we possibly know that making a four-legged killing machine chase people through narrow cobbled streets could be dangerous?

“Having hundreds of people fear for their lives due to a – admittedly highly unlikely – death at the horn of one of nature’s most powerful beasts is a quintessentially Spanish thing to do.

“Next you’ll be telling us that our other hobby of happy-slapping crocodiles is a bad idea.”

Animal Rights

Animal rights campaigners have long been insistent that there need to be changes to the famous Pamplona run.

“We are well aware of its cultural significance, but we feel it should be done on a level playing field,” said Petra Morgan, animal rights campaigner.

“And by level playing field, I mean put all the runners in a locked stadium and let the bulls have a go at them in there.

“I think anyone who survives a day locked in a field with an angry bull deserves the right to do whatever the hell they want to with the bull.”