French officially as obnoxious abroad as they are at home

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French tourists are the worst in the world, coming across as penny-pinching, rude and terrible at languages, according to a new survey which has proven they don’t alter their character when travelling.

The survey, of 4,500 hotels world-wide showed that French people display the exact same sullen characteristics abroad as they do when visited in France by foreign nationals.

“I’ve always thought of the French as arrogant sheep-burning pricks,” said Dave Whiley of Surrey.

“But I always had it down as partly my fault whenever I’m over there on holiday, because my French is no more than GCSE level, possibly as low as Grade C.”

“So it’s something of a relief to realise it’s not my language skills that are at fault, but the fact that they are a nation of morose, tight-arsed, manner-less gits.”

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Social scientists have pointed out that the French are head and shoulders above all other nations when it comes to showing disdain for everyone and everything.

“You can almost understand it when they are surrounded by tourists in their own country,” said Professor Brunt of the Institute of Cultural Studies.

“But it takes a special kinds of arsehole to shrug his shoulders with utter contempt and mumble in his native tongue just because he is unable to communicate in someone else’s country.”

“I find it amazing that anybody likes them to be honest.  Wait, you don’t like them either?”

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