Andy Murray to remain Scottish for another 50 weeks

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World number three Andy Murray is to return to being Scottish for the next 50 weeks following his semi-final elimination from this year’s Wimbledon Gentlemen’s singles.

He was knocked out of this year’s competition by eventual losing finalist Andy Roddick in four sets on Friday.

“I’ve enjoyed being British for these last twelve days,” said Murray.

“I would have liked to stay British till Sunday, but it wasn’t to be.  Maybe next year?”

His run to the semi-final extends his previous personal-best at remaining British, when last year he was knocked out at the quarter-final stage having been British for just ten days.

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“I will keep training hard, and maybe next year I can go the whole way and get to spend an entire year being British?” concluded Murray.

Not yet British

Fans have been quick to point out that Murray is not yet ready to be considered completely British.

“We wanted a British winner, but all we got is a Scottish loser,” said one disgruntled centre court ticket holder.

“I feel cheated.  All this talk of him being British was just a decoy.”

“He had us fooled for a while, but you could tell he was 100% Scottish from the very moment he crashed a return into the net to gift victory to Andy Roddick.”

Murray’s next chance to be British for a while will be at the US Open from 31st August.

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