Successful Earth Hour delays global catastrophe, by an hour

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The successful ‘Earth Hour’ campaign by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, has led experts to predict that it has delayed an inevitable global environmental catastrophe, by an hour.

The Earth Hour campaign, which aimed to stifle man’s selfish destruction of the planet – for an hour – culminated in hundreds of homes switching off their lights for one hour from 8:30pm on Saturday evening.

“This is great news for the planet.” Said one WWF spokesperson.

“That extra hour at the end of the planet’s life could prove vital.”

“Can you imagine if everyone died when we were just one hour away from discovering how to reverse man’s effects on the planet?”

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“Well thanks to Saturdays success, that’s a scenario we no longer have to worry about.  Go Team Earth!”

Utterly pointless

Opponents of the program claim it requires significant effort, for little reward.

“What’s the point of an extra hour for the Earth right at the end?” said Londoner Steve Naylor, 42.

“We’ll be surrounded by fire, brimstone and smoke by that point.”

“Surely an extra hour in the middle of next year would have been a more helpful target?”

“And why 8:30?  It’s a bit dark by then, so it’s quite inconvenient.”

“Next time can the hour be in the middle of the night when we’re all asleep?”

“Then I’m sure the organisers could get more people to agree to spend an hour in the dark. Personally I’d give them four or five.”