Jordan furious at Google Street View snub

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Ample breasted author Jordan today launched a scathing attack on the new Google Street View application for not containing a single photograph of her.

The system, which has taken over 10 million photographs covering every inch of the nation’s capital has somehow contrived to avoid taking a single picture of the writer/model – real name Katie Price.

“Who the fuck do they think they are?” she blasted.

“I’ve checked China Whites, the Met Bar and Soho House and I’m not coming out of any of them.”

“It’s just not a realistic picture of London.”

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PR sacking

The snub has led to the sacking of her PR firm for gross negligence.

“It was in her contract that she had to feature in 10% of all published photos taken in London.” said a firm spokesperson.

“Google have really fucked us over on this.”

There has been much controversy over the system with members of the public making many complaints over pictures in which they appear.

“Does Google make my bum look big in this?” asked one female user.

A number of special interest groups have been vocal in their criticism of the system, with “Paedophiles 4 London” claiming the photos do not cover enough of the capital’s playgrounds.

Google were unavailable for comment.