Where are all the flying cars, asks man released after 27 years

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A man who spent 27 years in jail for a murder he did not commit has asked “where are all the flying cars?” as he walked free from the Court of Appeal.

Sean Hodgson, now 57, saw his “unsafe” conviction for killing Teresa De Simone, 22, in her car in Southampton 30 years ago quashed by senior judges on the basis of DNA evidence.

Though delighted by his release Mr Hodgson has expressed his dismay at the lack of progress made by mankind during his absence.

“The last film I saw before being imprisoned was Bladerunner, so where are all the replicants and flying cars?”

“I bet I could drive your car now, even after all these years.  Does it even talk?  It’s rubbish.”

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Abject disappointment

Mr Hodgson said that the promise of lifelike talking robots and space travel were all that kept him going on some days.

“I always knew that on the outside, mankind was taking huge leaps forwards, and that one day I’d be able to benefit.”

“I’d sit there watching our 42″ plasma TV wondering about the 3D holograph movies people on the outside were watching.”

“We’d play PS3 games and talk about what computer games must be like by now on the outside, and how it must be like you’re ‘in’ the game.”


“But it seems that all along I had everything on the inside that you’ve all got on the outside.”

“But now I have to pay for it.  DNA evidence sucks ass.”

A spokesperson for the Hodgson family said Mr Hodgson brightened up briefly when introduced to his microwave oven, though his excitement wore off after fifteen minutes and the sixth tin of baken beans.

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