Next Top Model audition venues completely sold out

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All audition venues for the TV show America’s Next Top Model have completely sold out of all spectator tickets, according to publicists for the series.

The show, which aims to find one lucky to girl to be America’s next media plaything, hosts auditions around the country looking for supermodel hopefuls.

However, following an outbreak of rioting among would-be models at the recent New York audition, tickets were made available for all subsequent audition venues across the United States.

Get some

“Incredibly hot women fighting to be on TV?  Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?” said one lucky ticket holder.

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Entrepreneurial stall holders have already begun lining the audition queue routes selling jelly, mud and other assorted lubricants which lucky ticket holders can throw in the direction of any cat fighting outbreaks.

“I’ve been here since 6am Wednesday,” said 28 years of Dwight Noble.

“The auditions don’t start for another week, but this is prime real estate man.  Hot chicks rule! It’s going to be awesome!  GO HOT CHICKS!”

Not encouraged

Tyra Banks, the shows main presenter, was quick to discourage the violence, “We do not want the girls fighting.”

“But if they insist, they should wait until the cameras are rolling and the lighting is just right.”

“And don’t forget to pout.”

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