Iggy Pop urged to marry Swiftcover insurance

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UK consumers today told Iggy Pop that if he loves Swiftcover Insurance so much he should “just f***ing marry it already.”

Mr Pop, 61, real name James Newell Österberg Jnr. is well known for being the only man on earth with a negative body fat percentage.

He is currently seen on UK television screens extolling the virtues of Swiftcover insurance.

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The adverts, in which Mr Pop writhes around with his hideous old man’s torso on full display, suggest that people should “get a life” by getting insurance with Swiftcover.

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“He’s every goddam where I look,” said Jesse Knowles, 35 of Redditch. “It makes me ill just to look at him.”

“If he loves that f***ing insurance broker so much he should just f***ing marry it.”

Swiftcover, who claim a unique selling point in the speed with which they can service your policy feel that Pop is the perfect face for their products.

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“He’s the perfect face,” said a Swiftcover spokesperson, “Apart from when he does the jowly sad thing, or jumps around, or stands in daylight.  Then it’s a bit grim.”

“We want people to see us as vibrant, lively, and hip.  And what better way to do that than through a 61 year-old man with no shirt on?”

“We love him, and we’re pretty sure it’s mutual.”

There has been some controversy over the Pop/Swiftcover relationship as Swiftcover have a policy of not insuring musicians, or anyone in the creative arts.

“Why would we?” continued the spokesperson, “They’re risky as f***.”