Obama: Will he kill us all?

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As the honeymoon period continues for President Obama’s first term as the 44th US president, we ask, is he actually going to destroy us all?

A recent survey conducted by MORI has shown that a remarkably small number of people have actually met President Obama, and with even fewer claiming to know him personally.

“Our research has shown that less than 27% of Americans have met President Obama, and only 17% claim to know him personally.” said a MORI spokesperson.

These figures, which highlight just how few people have had access to the man they voted to be the most powerful on the planet, have led to concerns.

“I don’t know him from Adam.” said Jethro Toleville, 87, when showed a photo of the President.  Yet still he retains his power.

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Questions are being asked as to whether this seemingly perfect family man is up to no good.  After all, no-one is that perfect.  Are they?

So, we ask, are we right to trust this man?

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