Cadbury confound the experts

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The remarkable success of Cadbury’s latest advertising campaign continues to surprise experts within the advertising industry.

The chocolate manufacturer’s most recent advertisement, which depicts a young couple both eating, and enjoying, a bar of their chocolate has seen sales treble inside a week.

“It doesn’t make sense.” commented Rhys Waffle-Snatch of Sarky and Sarky advertising agency.

“Where is the ape?  The drums?  The child with the freakishly unnatural facial tick?”

“They haven’t included a single unintelligible aspect to the campaign.  I really don’t see what message they are trying to send out.”

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Focus Groups

It is thought the latest campaign was the brain child of an office temp at Cadbury’s Birmingham HQ who suggested that consumers might actually enjoy eating their products, without considering the value-added by a barely decipherable cryptic advert.

The suggestion was at first considered laughable, but forward-thinking Cadbury executives took the idea to focus groups where members of the public responded well to seeing people actually enjoying the chocolate product on offer.

“It was strange.  Some of them actually salivated!” said one insider,

“We’re kind of stunned by the campaign to be honest.  It’s like it has rewritten the book on advertising.  Who knows where this will end up.”

Rumours continue to circulate that Chanel’s new perfume campaign will feature models commenting, “Oh, you smell lovely, what’s that?”