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The last couple of years have been difficult for everyone, and I'm sure that includes you. Here at NewsThump we've been hit particularly hard by the huge drop in advertising rates caused by Covid, and social media's ongoing attempts to restrict what we can, and can not make jokes about.  We rely entirely on ad revenue to run this site; it pays for our website hosting, our image licensing, all the software we use, and for the writers who create the content we hope you enjoy.  But when ad rates are down, and social media doesn't show our stories to anyone, we struggle.

For over ten years,  we have never asked our readers for a penny - but today that has to to change.  In order to ensure the long-term survival of the site, we must become less reliant on advertising revenue, and to start that process  we are asking if you can support us to help us cover our monthly costs.

Last year, over 90% of our regular readers said they would be willing to help NewsThump become less reliant on advertising, would you be willing to join them?

If you can, we would ask that you support us with a small monthly subscription, or even a one-off, using the form below to help us keep the lights on (metaphorically speaking), and the site on the Internet (in more literal terms).

Every little really does help, especially if you can make it a regular payment so that we don't have to worry what happens to ad rates moving forward.  Every subscriber will have access to something special on our new site!

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