Straightforward work question turns into epic email trail involving seventeen people AGAIN

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A seemingly simple work question has taken up half of a company’s resources.

Hayley Rice, 34, had only been working for Bastard & Sons for three weeks before she sent an email on Monday asking who was responsible for liaising with third-party vendors.

“It’s now Wednesday, and seventeen people are now involved in the email trail, all without providing an answer to the simple question I asked,” confirmed Hayley.

“I wish I’d never asked and just blundered through on my own instinct. Even if I’d got things wrong, I could have apologised and rectified them by now.

“As things stand, we’re having a Zoom meeting with our CEO later today to go over third-party vendor procedure in an attempt to work this out.

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“Then there will probably be fourteen more emails from a further twelve people.

“Then I’ll either get an answer to my question, or I’ll go and live in the woods.”

Office manager, Simon Williams, said, “I’m sorry if this looks like an unnecessarily complicated drawn-out process, but it’s important we get these things right.

“And due to our practice of creating multiple positions that all do the same jobs so that we can look like a big company, that does involve the input of at least seventeen people.”