Are you living in the Metaverse? If you didn’t opt out in your Facebook settings, you could be!

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It has emerged that huge numbers of people could be living in deranged cyborg Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse without actually realising it.

“There’s a checkbox on your Facebook settings page,” explained Hattie Binlid, IT expert.

“It’s quite near the bottom and says something like ‘I don’t want to live in the metaverse’. If you haven’t checked that, then a recent Facebook update may well have sucked you up into the Metaverse while you were sleeping.”

However, it has become apparent that huge numbers of people weren’t aware of the setting and are now in the Metaverse.

“Well, it was a bit bloody weird at first,” said Simon Williams, who inadvertently spent several days in the Metaverse.

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“I got out of bed and everything looked like a really shit cartoon, the wife had no legs and people’s mouths didn’t move when they spoke. I looked out the window and all the fields had been replaced with bloody big green slabs. People kept trying to get me to go to meetings, it was all anyone did there.

“Luckily the wife figured out what had happened, had to go into my Facebook to uncheck the thing. Bloody ridiculous. I only go on Facebook to see my daughter’s photos.”

There are calls on Facebook to make the opt-out option clearer. Meanwhile, it is estimated that there could be over million people currently living, without realising, in the Metaverse.

Hattie offered the following advice.

“I would urge anyone who seems to be trapped somewhere where everything looks a bit rubbish and seems to be trapped in an endless cycle of meetings to check their Facebook settings and see if they have opted out of the Metaverse.”