Nigel Farage subject to London’s ULEZ charge due to toxic emissions

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Nigel Farage will have to pay London’s new ULEZ charge due to the monumental volume of toxic emissions he regularly produces.

Farage will have to pay £12.50 whenever he starts spouting the inflammatory claptrap that for which he’s become famous.

The ex-UKIP leader has confirmed that he triggered a ULEZ camera last week after he controversially accused caterpillars of going woke for turning into butterflies.

Unfortunately, because he failed to pay the charge within 3 days, he was subsequently hit with a £90.00 penalty charge notice. The former Coutts account holder has already started a Crowdfunder to pay the debt.  

Rent-a-gammon Farage insists that he should be exempt from the charge because he’s actually a human being, but, so far, he has failed to provide any evidence to substantiate this claim. 

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Despite growing criticism, a spokesperson for Transport for London has insisted that ULEZ is essential to improving the capital’s air quality adding that “Broadly speaking, only petrol cars older than 2005, diesels from before 2015 and mendacious right-wing opportunists are liable to pay the charge.

“I would refer any critics to the recent scientific study that concluded that listening to Mr Farage’s drivel for just 5 minutes had all the health benefits of a romantic weekend in Chernobyl.”

Having to pay the ULEZ charge is the latest financial blow to Farage who is already subject to York’s Bullshit Levy and Newcastle’s Arsehole Tariff.

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