Elon Musk rebrands Twitter as ‘Q’, to better reflect the content since he took over

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Responding to a tsunami of bots, conspiracy theories and unpleasant weirdos noisily misunderstanding simple things for attention, Elon Musk has rebranded Twitter to ‘Q’ today.

With a clean, simple, single-letter logo, the site is moving towards its role as the global down square – assuming it’s the town square just after the clubs have turned out and it’s full of incontinent drunkards.

“The town square in your local town is publically owned, and if you act like a jerk, the police will show up and move you on, which is why the online town square is the exact opposite of that in all particulars”, Elon told Twitter shareholders (himself).

“The town square I hope to build is one where angry strangers can call you stupid for not believing the government is controlling you with microchips in yoghurt, and nobody stops them or tries to get them urgently needed psychiatric help.

“The new logo of ‘Q’ reflects the future I hope to build. The future of humanity.”

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Supporters of Twitter welcomed the move and asked when Dogecoin will become the official currency of the site, as they bought a stack of them when Elon told them to, and now they’re sitting on a big loss.

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