Meghan widely criticised as ‘attention-seeking harridan trying to make it all about her’ in alternate universe where she is attending King Charles’ coronation

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is being vilified in the tabloid press for her ‘incredibly selfish’ decision to attend King Charles’ coronation in the alternate universe in which she will accompany her husband to the ceremony.

Media commentator and in-no-way-obsessed Meghan watcher, Dan Hootton, told us, “She is nothing but a media-whore who will stop at nothing to ensure all eyes are on her at an event she shouldn’t even be attending, so it is no surprise to me that she is coming to Prince Charles’ coronation.

“She shouldn’t be coming, and she knows it. She’s doing this to stick a thumb in the eye of the royal family as part of her ongoing vendetta to bring them all down. We see through you Meghan. You should have stayed away and let the event go ahead with the REAL royals only.”

When told that in our universe, Meghan has decided to stay at home with the couple’s children while Harry attends alone, Dan said, “Well, of COURSE she is; the selfish cow probably wants the column inches, and letting poor Harry go alone guarantees her plenty media coverage. I bet he begged her to go, but she’s so stuck up that a royal coronation is now beneath her.

“She’s probably going to film herself watching it for her next Netflix series. She’s so conceited.”

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