Striking doctors are ‘out of touch’, insists party of rich old men who’ve never had a proper job

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The Conservative party has invoked ‘pot-kettle-black’ by suggesting that another large group of people are acting against the interests of Britain.

After a four-day strike by junior doctors began, it was revealed that the government was refusing to negotiate because they actually quite like the people in charge of the nation’s health living just above the poverty line.

The Conservatives were quick to brand the strike “irresponsible” and “damaging to the future of Britain”, causing almost everyone within earshot to shove a mirror into the nearest Tory face and “take a good, long look you bloody hypocrite.”

Stacey Anderton, a 29-year-old junior doctor who’s done more good in the last month than the Government front bench could manage in the entirety of their over-privileged lives, said, “It is going to be a little tighter around the house, you know, during the odd hour I get to spend there.

“I was mildly amused by the Conservatives’ suggestion that we’re acting out of self-interest rather than a desire to, y’know, eat and sleep every once in a while.

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“I hope we’re not distracting too much from their plans to cut taxes for millionaires?”

A spokesperson from the Conservative Party said, “We are fully aware of the issues surrounding the funding of the health service.

“For example, some hospitals can still afford to use fluorescent light bulbs. You can kiss those goodbye.

“Rest assured, Steve Barclay is working incredibly hard to f**k every last hospital into a tin hat.”