Bud Light sales spike 600% from Conservatives buying cans to shoot

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Bud Light sales are booming thanks to the people who are “boycotting” them.

The popular light beer was the subject of controversy after Budweiser revealed an advertising campaign featuring a transgender woman.

“I’m never drinking Bud Light again,” said American Conservative, Chuck Williams, loading three crates of the beer into his truck.

“Oh, I’m not drinking these, I’m making a video about how I’m boycotting them, and I reckon I’ll need a few in case I need to do a few additional takes and so on.

“But yeah, absolutely boycotting Bud Light. Unless I need to make another video.”

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Not-crazy person, Jay Cooper, said, “I also won’t be drinking Bud Light.

“Not because of anything political, it’s just a really lousy excuse for a beer.

“It’s kind of weird how all of these alleged tough guys are telling the world they used to drink light beer instead of getting f**ked up properly, but that’s not my business.”

A spokesperson for Budweiser said, “This is absolutely and completely what we expected and hoped would happen. It’s been tremendous. We’re all getting bonuses.”