6-year-old who still believes in Santa old enough to know the ‘Brexit dividend’ isn’t real

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6-year-old Martha Williams has spoken of her excitement ahead of Santa’s visit this year, before reminding the adults around her that she’s old enough now to know that the Brexit dividend isn’t real.

Young Ms Williams was responding to one of her relatives who asked if she still believes in the Brexit dividend, a question she found quite insulting.

She told them, “I can easily believe a 1,700 hundred-year-old man can climb down my chimney, and millions of other chimneys in the same night – but I’m old enough to realise that any dividend associated with a catastrophic act of economic self-harm is completely made up. I’m not stupid.

“I get why some people like to pretend the Brexit dividend is real. I mean, it’s nice to create a bit of magic around an event that isn’t in any way magical, but there comes a point where you have to stop pretending and be a grown-up about it.

“I got to that point about Brexit when I was four. I don’t know how you can expect anyone older than four-years-old to look at Brexit and still believe there is a dividend coming? I know some grown-ups like to keep pretending – like my uncle Nigel – but honestly, a grown adult still believing in the Brexit dividend is a bit sad. Leave that sort of thing for the kids.

“Anyway, I have to go and clean my room, because apparently if I don’t Santa could put me on his naughty list.”