Man smugly commenting “Who?” on celebrity story has done NOTHING

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A man is today commenting ”who?” on a story involving someone objectively more famous and accomplished than him.

Simon Williams is a 43-year-old member of the public who is unknown to anyone beyond his immediate family, three friends, and SOME of his colleagues when they need something.

“Who?” typed Simon under a photo of Zendaya, a young woman who has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters and has already amassed more money and fame than Simon could ever imagine.

“That’ll show her,” grinned Williams.

“Hmm? Me? Well… I got employee of the month once… and there was that time I came second in a game of Call of Duty: Warzone… that was quite a day!

“But I don’t understand what you’re driving at here,” puzzled Williams, to the surprise of nobody.

Hayley Rice, one of Simon’s colleagues, commented ”Is it Simon? I’ve been thinking it was Stephen… whoops.

”Anyway, nah, he’s unremarkable. Whenever I ask about his weekend it’s the same… watched some football, drank some beers, commented ”who?” on photos of far more accomplished humans… it’s all a bit Groundhog Day.”

When asked for her thoughts on Simon Williams, a spokesperson for Zendaya responded, ”Who?”.