‘It isn’t a swastika, it’s just six lines rearranged that happen to look like one’ – the ultimate guide to defending your use of Nazi imagery, by Laurence Fox

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Laurence Fox was temporarily locked out of his Twitter account for creating a Swastika out of the lines used in four pride flags, and below we give you the only guide you need to defend the subtle introduction of Nazi imagery into our everyday lives.

Fox told us, “Firstly, and I can’t stress this enough, you must insist it’s not a Swastika, it’s just a series of lines that look like one.

“Continue by explaining that the universe is a complex place, and sometimes images align in such a way that the eye of the beholder perceives them differently to others. This will make you sound like an intellectual to the sort of people who don’t know what an intellectual is.

“Then you can introduce the old swithcheroo, and aim the accusations back at them. Say to them something like, ‘where I see four pride flags arranged in a random fashion, YOU see a swastika and the evocation of Nazi ideology. Which make YOU the real Nazi, if think about it.’

“You may also want to deflect and blame others, because all the best defences are centred around ‘I was only following others’. For example, my good friend Martin Daubney provided the image of the four pride flags, and I was happy to make it my profile picture, given it is pride month. I can not be held responsible for the sick and twisted minds of the so-called Liberal mob who only see evil in everything around them.

“Finally, it’s important to blame those offended and illustrate how you are really a winner, even if you are demonstrably a loser. Tell them, even if it did look a bit like a swastika – which it didn’t – then so what? It’s not like a picture ever hurt anyone. I’m not hurt every time people share a picture showing the voting numbers for every election in which my party has stood, am I? No, because I’m a big boy and I can take having my nose repeatedly rubbed in my dismal failures. I don’t care because I am backed the hilt by wealthy bigots with more money than sense.

“So who is the really loser, eh?”