You must go back to commuting to a proper office, insists man whose proper office is in his house

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak is today insisting that workers will likely quit unless they are forced to go back to commuting on the nation’s crumbling infrastructure to sit in a poorly lit office for eight hours a day, rather than being allowed to work from home.

Sunak said it was key to the nation’s prosperity that workers return to their offices once lockdown ends, insisting those people who have proven working from home is a real option for millions of workers should ignore the evidence of the last year and spend three hours a day travelling instead.

Sunak explained, “Lockdown will end, and when it does it’s important all businesses make their offices the main place of work.  I’ve kept going to my proper office throughout, no matter how difficult it was to make it down that one flight of stairs inside my house.

“People don’t want to work from home. Anyone who says they do is lying.”

However, office worker Simon Williams told us, “I work in IT support, and I was repeatedly told over the last few years that home-working was not an option for me, even on the odd day when I needed to be at home to get something fixed. I had to take holiday.

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“But it turns out I actually can work from home, and I can even do my job supporting people when they are working from home.  Who knew? Well, I did, obviously. But I’m glad everyone else can see it now.

“But I suppose if Rishi Sunak insists the nation will recover more quickly if everyone spends a couple of hours a day in a car or on a train, then who are we to question him.

“I mean, he was absolutely right about ‘eat out to help out’ wasn’t he?”

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