Star Wars 9 trailer mostly about the other 8 films

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The final trailer for the ninth Star Wars film is mostly about the other eight films, it has been revealed.

Fans who had been waiting for dramatic teaser footage of exciting scenes they’d never seen before were actually granted plenty of footage of things they’ve seen many, many times over the last 40 years, much to their confusion.

“It opens with that shot of two suns setting, and I thought ‘Aha! It’s a stylistic visual reference to show the story has come full circle!’, because I read a book on film studies once so I know this stuff,” said fan Simon Williams from behind his monitor.

“But as it turned out it was just old footage, followed by more old footage, followed by a bit more.

“Now, call me picky, but I’ve always thought you raised interest amongst potential customers by hinting at what new experiences might be in store for them – as opposed to showing them what they’ve already got.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love the Star Wars saga. Except for the rubbish ones. And the ho-hum ones. Okay, I love, in total, about three and a half films of the Star Wars Saga.

“It’s just I already know what happened and don’t need to be shown it again.”

Reports indicate that fans have been sitting and waiting after the trailer ends for a post-credit sequence with some new footage in it, as you can’t put anything past Disney these days.

“It’s disappointing, but it could be worse, I suppose” added Simon.

“There were no shots of Jar Jar Binks.”