Fury as unemployed parents living off the state having baby that YOU will be paying for

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A pair of workshy layabouts will be popping out another tax-funded sprog sometime next year, according to the sort of people who follow this type of thing.

Harry and Meghan, who haven’t worked in gainful employment since Harry left his job in the army, have been living the life of Riley at the expense of the British taxpayer since they got married earlier this year in a service you paid to protect.

“It’s a disgrace,” fumed Hayley Rice, a woman who saves the word “disgrace” for stories like this and also for immigrants getting money while pensioners might get a bit less money.

“I work hard all my life and pay my taxes for things like roads, the NHS and fit firemen. I do not expect my taxes to be used to fund families who dare to find themselves unemployed.

“Also, have you seen their house? I’m telling you, it’s like a fucking palace!

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“I work forty hours a week and I have to live in a room above a sex shop in Bristol.”

Rice was angered further when told that recent changes to the benefits system that reduces child benefit for a family’s third child will not apply to the royal couple, whose new child will enjoy handouts not only during childhood but for the duration of their adult life.

“I’ve made a phone call to the DWP to report the matter but they just laughed and disconnected me. Honestly, this country. Boils my piss, it really does.”

In other news, James Hewitt is said to be delighted after hearing that he will be a grandfather.